From Vision to Reality for Vibrant Cities and Regions
20th Int. Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society
5-7 May 2015
Ghent, Belgium

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From Vision to Reality for Vibrant Cities and Regions


Cities full of life, committed citizens, visionary politicians, a strong economy, attractive universities, a rich arts and cultural scene, joy and fun in the streets, prosperity, curiosity, inclusiveness – dynamic and stable and of course everything sustainable and resilient and “smart” …


What are the ingredients for VIBRANT CITIES and REGIONS? And how to make them a REALITY?

Cities and regions are and always have been in permanent transition.

Some of the key questions for the development of cities and regions are:

  • What and Who are the drivers of development?
  • Who defines the directions, whose visions do cities follow?
  • Is “planning” still possible in contemporary cities?
  • From VISION to REALITY – Visioning, Governing, Planning, Managing, Monitoring, Steering – how to keep cities an regions working and even improve them?
  • How to improve quality of life in cities and regions in a permanent process of change by ensuring sustainability and resilience?

CORP 2015 will deal with the question: How to make VIBRANT CITIES and REGIONS a REALITY?

A major issue will be: What is the role of PLANNING and PLANNERS in the development of vibrant contemporary and future cities?

Suggested topics and categories for paper submissions:

  1. Cities and Spaces in Transition / Changing Territories – How to manage spatial transitions of the 21st century?
  2. Governance, budget austerity and financial instruments for Cities, Regions and Area Specific Development
  3. Exploring and imagining the Future of Cities and Regions – Vibrant Cities and Regions 2025 – 2050 – 2100
  4. Involvement, Participation, Active Citizenship
  5. Information Technologies for Vibrant Cities and Regions
  6. Ecologies of Vibrant Cities and Regions
  7. Open topics

You can expect about 150 presentations, keynote speeches, round table discussions and an extensive accompanying program & networking opportunities in the wonderful, VIBRANT City of GHENT.

Program (draft) is available at

(direct link:, will be constantly updated until the conference)

In “good old CORP tradition” (since 1996)  we will make all papers (complete proceedings) available online via CORP-website even before the conference starts.

CORP 2015 is a co-operation of:

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