Rhegion: ‘Territories and cities, material and immaterial heritage, resilience and transformations in the perspective of 17 UN SDGs’

Rhegion: United Nations 2020-2030 – Conference and Workshop
‘Territories and cities, material and immaterial heritage, resilience and transformations in the perspective of 17 UN SDGs’

May 26-28, 2020 (conference) and June 1-5, 2020 (workshop)
Reggio Calabria, Italy

IMPORTANT NOTE: this event has changed to a virtual conference. Check the website for more information.


The Conference ‘Rhegion: United Nations 2020-2030‘ takes part within the 4th edition of the International Symposium ‘New Metropolitan Perspectives’ facing the challenge of local development’s innovation dynamics and its complexity, while putting humankind at the centre of the scientific debate, towards reclaiming that “man is the measure of all things”.

The symposium is jointly promoted by the LaborEst and the CLUDsLab Laboratories of the PAU Department, Università Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, Italy, in partnership with a qualified international network of academic institutions and scientific societies. It is part of the TREnD (Transition with Resilience for Evolutionary Economic Development) Research Project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions – RISE 2018.

You are invited to submit your abstract to one of the following conference themes:
1. History and Nature draw the Landscape
Chair: Heritage, Architecture and Urban Planning Department – PAU
2. Environmental Resources, Sustainability, Technology
Chair: Civil Engineering, Energy, Environment and Materials Department – DICEAM, and Department of Information Engineering, Infrastructures and Sustainable Energy – DIIES
3. The Forms of Sustainability
Chair: Architecture and Territory Department – dArTe
4. Nature Resources and Anthropic Processes
Chair: Agricultural Department, Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, Food – Agraria
5. Ethics, Aestetich, and Rights of Environment
Chair: Department of Law, Economics and Human Sciences – DiGiES

Abstract submission deadline (extended!): January 31, 2020.

Abstract submission and registration via the NMP symposium portal: http://www.nmp.unirc.it/edition-2020/


The workshop is an opportunity to experiment with the design practice, as well as the theories of recovery and redevelopment in the territorial context of the metropolitan area of Reggio Calabria, in order to identify the guidelines for sustainable territorial governance, considering the strong environmental value, rich historical testimonies and significant tourist potential of the area.

The workshop is open to 50 students enrolled in the last year of the degree programmes, graduates in Architecture, Engineering, Agriculture, Law, etc. graduated in 2015 and onwards, and doctoral students in the aforementioned areas. For more information on participating at the workshop, click here.

Registration deadline: February 15, 2020.

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