Shaping Regional Futures: Mapping, designing, transforming!

EEA_Shaping Regional Futures - BannerShaping Regional Futures: Mapping, designing, transforming!
14 – 15 October 2015
Munich, Germany

The aim of the conference ‘Shaping regional futures’ is to clarify a performance of regional design: the way how the imagination and envisioning of spatial futures of regions enhances planning on regional and supra-regional levels of scale. In numerous European regions politicians, administrations, planning professionals, market and civil actors are experimenting with regional design approaches to overcome limitations that statutory planning systems pose. They use the practice to indicate how a growing spatial integration exceeds restricting administrative boundaries and to demonstrate why and how such barriers should be overcome. The joint conference of Munich University of Technology and Delft University of Technology is an occasion to compare regional design strategies that are used in different European regions, to discuss the different facets and dimensions of these practices and to assess their performance.

Conference website:

Online-registration is now available. The conference is limited to 100 participants.

For any further enquiries please contact Agnes Förster:


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