Sustainable & Resilient Urban-Rural Partnerships – Conference URP2020

Sustainable & Resilient Urban-Rural Partnerships – Conference URP2020

November 25-27, 2020
Leipzig, Germany


URP2020 will be embedded in the German EU Council presidency in 2020 and is under the auspices of the German Minister of Education and Research. The conference is supported by renowned institutions and organisations including UN-HABITAT, UrbAct, ISOCARP, JPI URBAN EUROPE, among others.

The conference will provide an excellent stage for developing new urban-rural imaginaries, integrating strategies and projects that explore present and future potentials in terms of sustainability and resilience. The conference brings together and connects recent scientific insights and enlightening experiences of on-going projects in practice. It stimulates learning on various levels, i.e. from the local level, across regions to the broader European understanding of integrated urban-rural development. It draws specific attention to closing the gap between available scientific knowledge, on the one hand, and decision-making in practice on the other.

The URP2020 conference is a common initiative of the BMBF-programme “Zukunftsstadt Stadt-Land-Plus” and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ. It is a milestone also to the revision of the Leipzig Charter for sustainable cities in Europe.

A call for entire sessions (90 min) is now open until 17 January 2020!

You may apply here

A call for abstracts/contributions will be open in February/March.

For further information about the URP topics, venue, programme committee and key dates, click here:

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