Third International Conference on National Urban Policy in Nairobi

The Third International Conference on National Urban Policy: “Foster Innovations for Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Cities”

October 28-31, 2019
UN-Habitat HQ Nairobi, Kenya


The accelerating process of urbanisation is acknowledged today as a crucial and complex policy issue, and for which the repercussions go beyond traditional city boundaries into national and global concerns. The challenges of climate resilience or vulnerability, environmental sustainability or degradation, social equity or turmoil, economic competitiveness or decline, all converge in urban areas, and involve a variety of actors from all levels of government, civil society and communities, and domestic and foreign businesses. There is an urgent need for innovative solutions in urban policy-making which would chart the way for a better urban future for all.

The Third International Conference on National Urban Policy serves as a platform to discuss how innovations can be critical for urban policies that support climate-resilient urban environments that are risk-sensitive to land use, urban infrastructure, industries, mobility and housing. There will be an opportunity to showcase country-specific case studies, innovative approaches and tools, emerging knowledge on urban policy.


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