Workshop “Connecting City Spaces”, Gdansk, Poland


The Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning in the Faculty of Architecture, Gdansk University of Technology, has the pleasure to invite all interested teachers and students to participate in the International Architectural Urban Landscape Workshop: Connecting City Spaces, Kwiatkowskiego Route in Gdynia. The workshop will take place from 27.06.2014 to 01.07.2014 at Gdansk University of Technology in Gdansk.

The topic of the workshop will refer to the problem of dividing the city by new roads and to the need of connecting the city spaces. The main task will be to create – in multicultural groups of students – the vision of sustainable development of the area surrounding Kwiatkowskiego Route. The architecture, urban and landscape context will be highlighted. Connecting city spaces, regarding the environmental, social, spatial and transportation circumstances, will be given special attention.

We hope that new fresh ideas could influence the future decisions concerning this area, to minimize the conflicts and implement attractive sustainable development.

The results of the workshop will be presented during the 50th ISOCARP Congress in Gdynia, in Poland, 2014.

For more information on the workshop and how to apply, please clickhere or download the Workshop Brochure in Pdf-format.

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