Young Planning Professionals Workshop

Since 1991 ISOCARP has organized the Young Planning Professionals’ workshops, intended to stimulate the professional interests and the development of planning skills of young planners. For this purpose ISOCARP is partnering with other institutions, including national and local professional organizations as well as consortiums developed in order to elaborate international cooperation projects.

ISOCARP and the Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC) have recently made an agreement which entails a Young Planning Professionals National Workshop, intended for Chinese and international young planners and being a part of the pre-congress activities.


Young planning professionals with a background  in planning, urban design, social sciences, real estate and/or regional economics, geography, or architectural studies (age: max. 35) are welcome to react on the Call for Candidates.

Please also fill in the Application Form form as well as the standard CV.


ISOCARP is looking for workshop coordinators who will be responsible for the workshop in collaboration with representatives of other partners, local coordinator(s) and the responsible ISOCARP Vice President.
Contrary to the Call for YPPs the Call for Coordinators is for ISOCARP Members only.

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