Individual Membership


  • You will become part of a global membership organization of professional planners
  • ISOCARP represents a unique multi-angle perspective. We have members in: academia; government, organisations and agencies as well as consultancies and the private sector
  • You will have networking opportunities with members all around the world
  • You benefit from the wealth and diversity of professional expertise, knowledge, and experience in the ISOCARP membership that is unmatched in the planning field
  • You will join an organization that is officially recognized by the Council of Europe, UNESCO, UN-Habitat and United Nations
  • You will have your say about issues of your interest
  • You will have the chance to participate as expert in the various ISOCARP programmes
  • You will enjoy reduced rates for ISOCARP events and publications and discounts at events of affiliate organisations (when applicable)
  • You will receive regular newsletters and updates on the progress and achievements of our activities
  • You will have access to the Members’ Area of the ISOCARP website
  • You will have voting rights and be eligible to apply for elected positions.
Criteria for Acceptance:
– five or more years of professional experience in planning or an allied profession
– endorsed by the respective country’s National Delegation (ND) or Select Committee.


  • Member
  • Retired Member
  • Young Member
  • Affiliate Member.

Retired and Young members are entitled to a 50% reduction in membership fee.
Young Members are under the age of 35. They do not have to fulfill the criteria of five or more years of professional experience.
Affiliate Members (Members/employees of an Institutional Member of ISOCARP) pay a reduced membership fee and are endorsed by their society/institute.

For fees click here. To apply for membership click here.

Additional Categories (for which you cannot apply)

Congress Member: A non-ISOCARP Member participating for the first time in an ISOCARP Congress is considered Congress Member for one year (congress to congress) without any additional financial implication. He/she will receive all messages of ISOCARP however has no access to the Members’ area on the website, no voting rights and is not eligibility to apply for elected positions. A congress member can already apply for full individual membership by paying the fee for the year after the free year.
Life Member: A Member in good standing who has maintained membership for 30 years in a row. A life Member does not pay membership fee.


Fee Categories for 2018-2019

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Application and Endorsement

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