Final Conference Invitation

Our MSRL family invites you to the Final Conference: Vibrant Urban Solutions for Baltic Cities

Organized by:
President of the City of Gdansk
Faculty of Architecture, Gdansk University of Technology

25 June 2016 (Saturday)
11.00 a.m.
European Solidarity Centre, Gdańsk, Poland
Plac Solidarności 1, 3rd floor, 3.11

5 MSRL Teams together with their 5 international experts will present 5 research projects:

1. Finding multifunctional spatial solutions to render Baltic cities and communities more sustainable through the concept of ecosystem services – theory and methodology
(exp. Martina van Lierop, Neterhrlands/Germany)

2. Baltic Sea climate fever. Creative solutions for waterfront cities in the context of climate change
(exp. Pedro Garcia, Portugal)

3. Cities rising from the ashes. The identity of baltic region cities destroyed during II world war in context of proccess of rebuild, architecture and urban design, guidelines for middle east cities wounded during the war
(exp. Othman A. I. Al-Mashhadani, Iraq)

4. Re-articulation of Baltic coastal districts’ identities from perception to practice. The case of the northern urban edge of Gdansk
(exp. Giorgio Gasco, Italy/Turkey)

5. Multicultural coastal cities: what are the differences in culture of urban planning management? Comparison analysis of Gdansk and Gdynia
(exp. Irina Shmeleva, Russia)

Let’s SE@ the RESULTs of the MSRL PROGRAMME!

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