Call for Submissions for 5th Tehran Golden Adobe Global Award

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Following the holding of four rounds of the Tehran Golden Adobe Global Award from 2014 to 2019, the fifth round of this Global Award will take place on December 15, 2020 by the Tehran Municipality Communication and International Affairs Center with the participation and cooperation of domestic and international scientific and executive institutions and organizations active in the field of urban management.

This award is held with the aim of improving the quality of life of citizens, developing the scope of international communications and interactions, and improving capabilities in the field of urban infrastructure development, as well as introducing and exploiting the best experiences of Iranian cities and other cities around the world. The event is expected to lead to an effective exchange of information and technical knowhow and participation in the implementation of important urban projects.

To this end, it invites all esteemed mayors, heads and members of city councils and urban managers to present the best urban projects in seven themes and based on the conditions described in the award website by completing online application forms to the Award Secretariat (Communication and International Affairs Ce4nter of Tehran Municipality).In order to finalize the projects for this round of the award, it is necessary to complete the registration form related to the introduction and registration of project specifications on the award website and upload the necessary documents (photos, videos, maps and…).

It is noted that while awarding ‘certificate of participation’ to all the registered projects, a plaque of honor will be given to all those projects that succeed in reaching the final stage of the award as endorsed by the jury (up to 21 projects). Also, the top selected projects (up to 7 projects) will receive a plaque and a statuette in each of the themes .

For further information and coordination please contact Ms. Roya Khosrobeigi, in charge of the Secretariat of the 5th Tehran Golden Adobe Global Award at the cell phone number +989121985213

Deadline for registration: November 30, 2020

Award brochure

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