2007, Congress Report, 43rd ISOCARP Congress, Antwerp/BEL (CD-Box)


2007 Congress Report, Antwerp, Belgium.

“Urban Trialogues”



2007 Congress Report, Antwerp, Belgium.

“Urban Trialogues”

The 43rd Congress “Urban Trialogues” held in the city of Antwerp in Belgium, focused on the strategic projects that must be implemented in agreement between a diversity of actors and stakeholders, mainly emphasizing the gap between planning and implementation.

In an urban context, where the role of cities is fundamental in providing a good quality of life for citizens, TRIALOGUE between the community and the public and private sectors, emerges as central.

The event was attended by 360 delegates from 44 countries, representing five continents. Over 100 papers presented by planners, academics, public servants and other professionals concentrated the discussion on how strategy and visioning have become a keys element in planning. The Congress was a vivid forum of debate that generated a number of interesting ideas. Those can be broadly summarised under the following main themes:

• Planning, projects & politics
• Urban trialogue: strategic projects in an integrated planning vision
• Participation
• The role of different stakeholders
• Traps in planning

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