2012, Congress Report, 48th ISOCARP Congress, Perm/RUS (CD-Box)



2012 Congress Report, Perm, Russia.

“Fast Forward: Planning in a (hyper) Dynamic Urban Context”

The 2012 ISOCARP World Congress entitled “Fast Forward – Planning in a (hyper) dynamic urban context” took place in Europe’s easternmost city of Perm in Russia and attracted 450 experts from over 40 countries. Sixteen keynote speakers including representatives from UN Habitat, World Urban Campaign, the European Council of Spatial Planners and the Government of Indonesia as well as more than one hundred experts presented case studies, innovative policies and advanced planning theories focused on the relevant topic of planning in and for high-speed urban change. Exhibitions and a lively, sophisticated discourse centered on three main questions:

  • How can planners act effectively and responsibly in situations of urban (hyper) dynamism? What are successful and unsuccessful response patterns and which instruments are effective?
  • How can best practices planning and implementation (low-carbon eco-city planning, social inclusion etc.) to mitigate challenges and harness opportunities of high-speed urban change be ‘fast forwarded’?
  • What processes can the host country develop and apply to ‘fast forward’ spatial planning in Russia?

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