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Smart Sustainable Cities White Paper

ISOCARP and its members have been involved in the “smart cities” discussion since 2004. More recently ISOCARP collaborated in many global events that focus on smart cities, such as the Metropolitan Solutions conference in Berlin (2016) and the Habitat III conference in Quito (2016). ISOCARP was engaged these as a partner with UN-Habitat and the Global Planners Network. In addition, the theme for the ISOCARP World Planning Congress (2017) was “Smart Communities” with an emphasis on blending technology with social, environmental, and economic planning theory and practice.

This theme was revisited earlier this year (2018) at the World Urban Forum where ISOCARP organized a session devoted to “International Smart Cities”, again in coordination with UN-Habitat and the Global Planners Network.

ISOCARP members have also been active in promoting smart city discussions through sessions organized at multiple events including American Planning Association conferences, Moscow Urban Forums, REAL CORP conferences, Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions conferences, and many others.

The following White Paper is a compilation of what we have learned from our members and other contributions. Additional information can be accessed from the links below.


Ric Stephens, Irena Itova, Małgorzata Hanzl, Benjamin Scheerbarth
Smart Sustainable City White Paper will be published as part of Review 14 on the occasion of the 54th ISOCARP Congress in Bodø, Norway.



Theoretical Contributions
[01] introduction: Smart City (Nicole Wirz Schneider, MAS Raumplanung ETH REG A)

Smart Governance and Planning

[02] Smart Sustainable Cities (Stephen Goldie, Abu Dhabi Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities)

[03] Smart Governance and Smart Planning (Irena Itova, UniverCities)

[04] Smart City-Regions (Trudi Elliott, Royal Town Planning Institute)

[05] Mining Urban Sustainability/ Land Management (Irena Itova, UniverCities)

[06] [big] Data management (Irena Itova, UniverCities)

Public participation

[07] ICT and Public Participation/Smart Governance (Aleksandra Stupar, University of Belgrade)

[08] Creative techniques for creative engagement (Ric Stephens, President of ISOCARP and Tim Van Epp, American Planning Association)

[09] Public Participation 2.0 (Beniamino Murgante, University of Basilicata)

[10] Social is the new Smart (Morten Nielsen, IFHP)

Smart infrastructure

[11] Smart means working on how we want to live- not on how we used to live (Thomas Vonier, President of the International Union of Architects)

[12] Designing information-rich streetscapes (Małgorzata Hanzl, ISOCARP Vice President)

[13] Alternative and Renewable Energies (Ric Stephens, President of ISOCARP)

[14] Shared mobility, smart transportation & infrastructure efficiency/ Autonomous Vehicle Systems (Ric Stephens, President of ISOCARP)

[15] Resource efficiency (Daniele Vettorato, Vice President ISOCARP)

Case Studies

[01] Javier Torner, UN Habitat: Urban Planning and innovation to capture the potential of new technologies and processes (Rwanda)

[02] Valerie Leblond and Simon Flack, Now Institute: Human Scale Density

[03] Amit Chatterjee, School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Bhopal: Smart City Mission in Surat, India

[04] Mahak Agrawal: Climate Resilient Urban Development Strategies for a megacity: A Case of NCT of Delhi

[05] Zaheer Allam: Redefining the smart city: culture, governance and metabolism. Case study of Port Louis, Mauritius

[06] Islam Bouzguenda, Universitat de Girona: Perspectives on Citizen Participation for the Digital Age; Urban Development Based Research & Case Study

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