Young Planning Professionals National Workshop 2016, Moscow RUS

YPPs MoscowISOCARP and the Moscow Urban Forum (Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization) have recently made an agreement which entails a Young Planning Professionals National Workshop, intended for Russian and international young planners and being a part of Moscow Urban Forum activities.

The workshop aimed to provide young Russian and international planners responsible for, or participating in, the shaping and development of settlements, with the principles and practices of effective contemporary urbanism and practical knowledge that will be of immediate use to each participant.

The objective of the workshop was to provide the workshop participants with hands-on practical experiences. YPPs worked in a studio setting under the guidance of two international experts – namely Dushko Bogunovich (New Zealand) and Dorota Kamrowska-Zaluska (Poland), accompanied by ISOCARP Vice President Piotr Lorens . It was also intended to develop an example of the comprehensive (strategic) urban redevelopment exercise for the Russian cities undergoing during recent years complex growth and transformation processes.

10 Russian and 5 international YPPs took part in the workshop.

The five international YPPs Elia Hernando (Spain), Evandro Holz (Brasil), Mihaela Brankova (Bulgaria), Mostafa AlBeltagy (Egypt) and Sebastian Clausen (Germany) wrote a short YPP workshop Recap – Moscow 2016.


A full report and a presentation are being prepared by each group in coordination with the workshop coordinators Dorota Kamrowska-Zaluska and Dushko Bogunovich.

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