Young Planning Professionals National Workshop 2017, Yekaterinburg RUS

Young Planning Professionals Workshop – Yekaterinburg 2017

organized in partnership the with Russian Urban Planning Association (RUPA)

Shaping Yekaterinburg’s comfortable urban environment: defining new planning solutions for the city’s key public spaces and development areas

16-24 September 2017

The deadline has passed. It is no longer possible to apply.

ISOCARP and the School of Chief Architect LLC (SCA), in partnership with Russian Urban Planning Association (RUPA) have recently made an agreement which entails a Young Planning Professionals Workshop, intended for both Russian and International Young Planners.

The workshop aims to provide young planners responsible for, or participating in, the shaping and development of settlements, with the principles and practices of effective contemporary urbanism and practical knowledge that will be of immediate use to each participant.

The objective of the workshop is to provide workshop participants with hands-on practical experiences. YPPs work in a studio setting under the guidance of both local and international experts on a project site chosen jointly by ISOCARP, SCA and representatives of the key stakeholders responsible for the development of the city of Yekaterinburg. They will be accompanied by the ISOCARP Vice President responsible for the YPP program both at the launch of the program and during its conclusion, by SCA moderators, and SCA leaders throughout the process.


The workshop is targeted at junior Russian and international planners. They come from various backgrounds such as architecture, civil engineering, spatial science technology and real estate management.


Shaping Yekaterinburg’s comfortable urban environment: defining new planning solutions for the city’s key public spaces and development areas

Within this general theme the workshop teams will work on 5 sub-topics, including:

Case 1 – “Forum Group” – is associated with defining the concept of development of public spaces in one of the Yekaterinburg districts being currently under construction. The purpose of this case is to revise the existing plan and to rethink its principles.

Case 2 – “Atlas Development” – is associated with the development of a future residential neighborhood plan structure nearby Yekaterinburg. The purpose of this case is to identify new residential concepts and additional greenfield functions in the given area.

Case 3 – “Brusnika” – is associated with defining the development concept of a non-typical block in a new planning area in Yekaterinburg, which is to become the urban planning centerpiece of the new neighborhood and to combine residential and public functions.

Case 4 – “Akademicheskyi” – is associated with defining the vision of a park for a newly developed town area. The purpose of this case is to find the balance between recreational and entertainment functions, based on an analysis of what a modern urban park is and what is the structure of its users.

Case 5 – “UMMC – is associated with creation of the system of private and public spaces of a residential block (currently under construction) with public functions in the centre of Yekaterinburg, in the waterfront zone of the city pond. The purpose of this case is to create an outline of a unified system of pedestrian lines on both sides of the waterfront.

The workshop will take place at the Yeltzin Center, Borisa Yeltzina st. 3a, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation.

Each participant will spend 9 full days (Sept 16th  – 24th) working within the YPP group. Within these dates, there may be a necessity of conducting meetings with local hosts and press. There will also be a necessity to visit the site and have regular communication with the SCA partner companies who provide the case topic. It is expected that each of the participants will devote for the workshop activities full working days, starting at 9am and concluding at 7pm, with lunch and coffee breaks in-between. It is expected that each of the participants brings their own personal laptops, mobile phones, and sketching appliances.


The call for workshop participants is open to Young Planners up to 35 years old.

Local organizers (SCA) will be in charge of arranging hotels and local transportation for the entire duration of the workshop within the agreed dates. In addition, every participant gets a daily subsitance allowance of 10 EUR from SCA. Local organizers will not cover other expenses.

Besides this, up to 5 international participants, coming from underpriviledged countries, may receive a one-time allowance of 100 EUR from ISOCARP in order to pay for their travel costs. The specific requirement regarding this will be sent to ISOCARP along with the application documents.

Participants are welcome to stay in Russia longer. However, their expenses for additional time spent in Russia have to be borne by the participants themselves. Both SCA and ISOCARP should timely be informed on such an extension.



Issue of Call 28 July 2017
Deadline – Reception of applications  11 August 2017
Communication of Selection Results 14 August 2017
Confirmation by selected Candidates 20 August 2017 at the latest
Participation documents to selected candidates between 20 and 25 August 2017
Travel arrangements/procedures between 20 and 30 August 2017
Arrival to Yekaterinburg 15 September 2017
Departure 25 September 2017


Workshop participants will be selected from among the applications. ISOCARP welcomes applications from Young Planning Professionals with at least basic expertise in urban design and planning. International experience is a plus but not a must. Also, the basic understanding and/or interest in Central and Eastern Europe realities will be treated as advantage.  The most effective composition of the team will be taken into account for the final selection. An evaluation and final selection of candidates will be done by a Selection Committee formed by Piotr Lorens, the ISOCARP YPP VP, as well as representatives of SCA. 

Kindly send the following documents via the online Application Form:

  1. Curriculum Vitae in accordance to ISOCARP CV standard format – Template
  2. Recommendation Letter (drafted/signed by an ISOCARP member, your employer or by your university professor)
  3. A clear scan of the passport (photo page) and information whether you need a visa to Russia, and – in the positive case – which country / city / consulate you will be applying for it. 

Please send as follows:
Family Name_CV
Family Name_Recommendation


Any questions regarding both workshop organization and selection procedures should be sent to the ISOCARP Head Office: and /or to VP YPP Piotr Lorens ;

ISOCARP Head Office
Tel: +(31-70) 346-2654
Email: Website:

We are also looking for TUTORS for the workshop. Tutors have to be ISOCARP Members.

CALL FOR TUTUORS Yekaterinburg



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