Young Planning Professionals’ Network Workshop, ISOCARP-ITACUS, Glasgow, UK, Oct 2016

cvyo_ukxyaevfvnRethinking the Clyde Waterfront

Connecting the infrastructure development into integrated above and below ground urban design for the brownfields redevelopment schemes

Glasgow, United Kingdom, October 23-28th 2016

ISOCARP in partnership with ITACUS made an agreement with the Glasgow City Council (GCC) which entails a Young Planning Professionals (YPP) – Young Professional’ Think Deep Program (YPTDP) Workshop, intended for both British and international young planners and underground space specialists.

cvtum6zw8aidh1yThe intention is that this workshop becomes a first in a series of events, leading towards producing a set of case studies contributing towards in-depth analysis of interrelations between city planning focusing on urban design and underground space utilization and infrastructure provision.

The project ‘Rethinking the Clyde Waterfront‘ was jointly chosen by ISOCARP, ITACUS and representatives of the local partners from Glasgow City Council.
20 Young Professionals including 10 urban designers/planners/architects and 10 civil engineers/underground space specialists under the guidance of tutors from ISOCARP, ITACUS and Think Deep UK discussed the topic from 23-28 October 2016.

The presentation the Young Planning Professionals gave on the last day of the workshop was received very positively and with great interest by local planners from Glasgow.


REPORT of the workshop.

PRESENTATION given at the end of the workshop.






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