Young Planning Professionals National Workshop 2017, Gdynia, Poland

Dynamic City (working title)

Gdynia, Poland, June 18th – 24th 2017

ISOCARP – TUP (Society of Polish Town Planners) – City of Gdynia
Gdynia Urban Summer School

Draft programme YPP Workshop and International Gdynia Urban Summer School

ISOCARP, the City of Gdynia and TUP (Society of Polish Town Planners) have recently made an agreement which entails a Young Planning Professionals National Workshop, intended for Polish and international young planners and being a part of a wider scheme of cooperation between the organizations involved. The workshop will be organized along with the International Conference on “Dynamic City”, hosted by the City of Gdynia.

The workshop aims to provide young Polish and international planners responsible for, or participating in, the shaping and development of settlements, with the principles and practices of effective contemporary urbanism and practical knowledge that will be of immediate use to each participant.

The objective of the workshop is to provide workshop participants with hands-on practical experiences. YPPs work in a studio setting under the guidance of two international experts from among the members of ISOCARP on a project site chosen jointly by ISOCARP and the host organizations. They will be accompanied by the ISOCARP Vice President responsible for the YPP program for the entire duration of their stay in Gdynia. It is also intended to develop an innovative approach to urban housing, which later on can be disseminated widely, also including the presentation during the conference following the workshop itself. At the same time it is intended that the workshop becomes a source of ideas regarding the new approach to housing policy within Central and Eastern European cities.

The theme of the workshop is associated with RETHINKING THE APPROACH TO URBAN TRANSPORTATION AND MOBILITY. Details of the assignment will be communicated to the selected Young Planning Professionals.

The workshop is targeted at junior Polish and international planners. They come from various backgrounds such as architecture, civil engineering, spatial planning and real estate management. Most of them have professional degrees in planning and a few years of planning practice. It is intended that the workshop will gather 12 Polish YPPs along with 12 international YPPs.

Each participant will spend 5 full days working with the YPP group during June 18th and 22nd. Afterwards Young Planners will be invited to participate in the conference dealing with the same topic. Before and after, there may be a necessity of conducting meetings with local hosts and press.  Therefore participants have to arrive on 18th of June mid-day  at the latest and depart not earlier than June 23rd  in the afternoon. 

The City of Gdynia along with the local partners  will
be in charge of arranging hotels, half-board and local transportation for the entire duration of the workshop within the agreed dates. THESE WILL BE FREE OF CHARGE TO THE SELECTED YOUNG PLANNERS. ANY ADDITIONAL COSTS, INCLUDING INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL (NEAREST AIRPORT: GDANSK code: GDN) HAVE TO BE MET BY PARTICIPANTS THEMSELVES.


  • The location of the YPP Workshop will be Gdynia, Poland
  • Expected arrival dates to Gdynia – June 18th mid-day
  • Departures should be scheduled: at the earliest the day after the public presentation of the Workshop results.

Participants are welcome to stay in Poland longer. However, their expenses for additional time spent in Poland beyond the time required for the workshop have to be borne by the participating members themselves.

Selected workshop participants will be asked to arrange the INTERNATIONAL trip on their own.

Issue of Call March 27th, 2017
Deadline – Reception of applications April 28th, 2017
Communication of Selection Results May 5th, 2017
Confirmation by selected Candidates May 14th, 2017 at the latest
Travel arrangements/procedures in May / June, 2017
 Arrival to Gdynia June 18th, 2017
 Departure June 23rd, 2017 (after public presentation of Workshop results)

The call for WORKSHOP INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPANTS is open to YOUNG PLANNING PROFESSIONALS. Candidates should have some basic planning skills. Successful candidates should have a background in planning, urban design, social sciences, real estate and/or regional economics, geography, or architectural studies. It is required that the candidates are under 35 years old.


An evaluation and final selection of candidates will be done by a Selection Committee formed by Piotr Lorens, ISOCARP YPP VP, as well as representatives of partner organizations.  Selected Candidates will be informed of their selection, after which they will have to confirm their availability and participation to ISOCARP Headquarters. Participation documents will be sent to them shortly afterwards. Travel procedures (incl. visa if applicable) will start immediately after selection process is completed.

Any questions during these procedures should be sent to the ISOCARP Head Office, Phone: +31-70 346-2654.

Any questions regarding the topic, on-site logistics and travel arrangement should be sent to VP YPP, Piotr Lorens: Phone +48 605 433 885.


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