Young Planning Professionals’ 25th Anniversary Workshop – Durban 2016

25th Anniversary Workshop 

Call YPPs Durban

According to the tradition the YPP workshop was held again prior to the 52nd ISOCARP congress in Durban, South Africa. The workshop on ‘Cities we have vs Cities we need’ was organized in partnership with University of KwaZulu Natal.

ISOCARP has been organizing Young Planning Professionals’ workshop for 25 years now. On the occasion of the 25 year celebration of the YPP programme the workshop had a larger format than the years before. Almost 80 international and national YPPs were invited. Take a look at our Anniversary page from Durban.


2016 Workshop Report

Programme Durban YPP Workshop

YPP Coordinators Durban:
Madina Junussova, Kazakhstan
Hangwelani Hope Magidimisha, South Africa
Lukacz Pancewicz, Poland
ISOCARP Vice President YPPs:
Piotr Lorens, Poland

Workshop pictures by local partner South African Council for Planners (SACPLAN).




In general: YPP workshops aim to provide young planners with the principles and practices of effective contemporary urbanism and practical knowledge. The workshops are intended to stimulate the professional interests and the development of planning skills of younger planners.
The objective of the workshops is to provide the workshop participants with hands-on practical experiences. YPPs work in a studio setting under the guidance of international experts from among the members of ISOCARP as well as local experts.
Next to the YPP workshops organised on the occasion of a congress, ISOCARP has been organising national YPP workshops for a few years now. Several of them were held in China, Russia and Poland.


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