Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop – Gdynia 2014

Since 1991 the objective of ISOCARP’s Young Planning Professionals’ Workshops has been to bring together young professional urban planners from all parts of the world. The YPP Workshops provide an opportunity to work together as a closely-knit team. The YPP Workshops are organised in the week preceding the annual ISOCARP Congress and focus specifically on the Congress’s main theme, but relating it to a concrete area/project. The workshops are hands-on and aimed at establishing a good working relationship with young colleagues from all parts of the world, while working towards results in a very short period of time.

Workshop Topic
The topic of the workshop: “Rethinking the city-water interface” was chosen with the participation of the Local Organizing Committee in agreement with the municipal planning services, principally the Gdynia Planning Office, and is of crucial importance for the future of a diverse city waterfront zone. It is associated with the rethinking of the city-water interrelationships and with optimizing  Gdynia’s prominent waterfront location. The specific design problems will include the following:
– Rethinking the city-water interrelationships
– Proposing the new forms of reconnecting the city and water
– Developing the specific proposals for different parts of the city waterfront.

Download the Workshop Brochure.

Final Results of the Workshop

Download the Poster Results.


The report of the Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop is available for purchase in the webshop as a CD-Box.


18 September: Arrival of invited YPPs in Gdynia, Welcome Dinner
19,20 and 21 September: YPP Workshops, Field Work, Studio Work
22 September: Rehearsal
23 September: Presentation at main congress


SOCARP Vice President YPPs: Piotr Lorens, Poland
ISOCARP Senior Coordinator: Stefan Netsch, Germany
ISOCARP Junior Coordinator: Madina Junussova, Kazakhstan
LOC Coordinator: Dorota Kamrovska-Zaluska


Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, Gdynia, Poland.

Maly Zagiel Hostel (Small Sail Hostel),
ul. Franciszka Sedzickiego 19, 81-374 GDYNIA

YPPs Participation in the main ISOCARP Congress

After the Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop, all YPPs have to participate in the ISOCARP congress (23-26 September 2014).

Routledge Poster Exhibition and Prize

ISOCARP is very grateful to Routledge publishers for giving an annual grant to ISOCARP. This prize money is allocated to the Routledge Poster Exhibition during the annual Congress. This competition has stimulated great interest among young members and has produced many imaginative works.

Application procedure

Download information on the Application Procedures.

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