2007 – Jury Report

Jury Members: ISOCARP Vice-President Zeynep Merey Enlil (Turkey), Peter Jonquière (Netherlands) and Andreas Schneider (Switzerland)

This year ISOCARP received 17 posters for the exhibition: Annika Fritz – Trinidad and Tobago; Li Dong – China; Daniela Wullers – Germany; Sara Occhipinti – Italy; Norbert Mundl – Austria; Mira Milakovic – Serbia; Kaveh Fattahi – Iran/Japan; Nicla Dattomo – Italy; Hélène Roose – Belgium; Aysegüln Altýnörs Çýrak – Turkey; Tom Broes – Belgium; Anton Shubin – Russia; Stefan Netsch – Germany; Mehri Mohebbi – Iran; Alexey Kazarov – Russia; Fiona Fullarton – Australia; Ana Maria Alvarez – Colombia/Spain.

The Jury evaluated according to the following criteria: Content; Communicative Quality; Invitation; Attractive Design and Layout.


The first prize went to the poster by Fiona Fullerton from Australia entitled “Surfing the waves of change’’.

Two honourable mentions were given to the posters by Annika Fritz “No collective vision for the city” and Ana Maria Alvarez “The transformation of the territory from the interior of cities”. An additional honourable mention was given by the public. It went to Kaveh Fattahi from Iran/Japan.

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