Urban Planning Advisory Team

The objective of ISOCARP’s Urban Planning Advisory Teams (UPAT) is to mobilize the extensive planning expertise of our members in order to assist cities and regions with their projects, programmes, and policies on spatial planning and urban design. Since 2004, ISOCARP has organized more than 20 UPAT workshops in China, Mexico, Russia, Spain, USA, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Singapore.

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For more information, contact Milena Ivkovic, Director UPAT and ISOCARP Board Member

  • UPAT Qingdao, China, September 2019

    In the second half of 2019, the Qingdao West Coast New Area planning authorities have invited ISOCARP Institute to provide it with a ...
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  • UPAT Suzhou, China, 15-22 November 2018

    Click on the cover image to read the new PLAN Magazine online. If you are interested in a printed version, please contact ...
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  • Urban Vision Workshop, Curacao 12-16 November 2018

    During the Planning Week in Curaçao, a group of local and international planning experts – including three ISOCARP members – ...
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  • UPAT Guangzhou, China, 3-10 June 2018

    Call for Candidates (ISOCARP Members only). Deadline to apply 25 April 2018.
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  • UPAT Durban, South Africa, 29 April-5 May 2018

    Call for Candidates (ISOCARP members only). Deadline to apply 28 March 2018
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  • UPAT Ningbo Xinmalu District, China, 15-21 April 2018

    Call for Candidates (ISOCARP members only). Deadline 1 March 2018.
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  • UPAT Workshop ‘New Airport – Smart Bodø’ Norway, 28 May – 03 June 2017

    The city of Bodø is the administration centre in the County of Nordland and is the largest city in the county with 50 000 citizens. Bodø is ...
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  • Wuhan_Zhongshan Avenue UPAT Workshop

    The Wuhan Land Use and Urban Spatial Planning Research Center (WLSP) will host an ISOCARP UPAT Workshop in Wuhan, China, 26-31 March 2017.
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  • UPAT Workshop Gaza and West Bank, 7-14 June 2015

    Click on the image to start the Presentation of the West Bank and Gaza UPAT workshop The West Bank and Gaza UPAT workshops, 7-14 June 2015 The ...
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  • Ten Years of UPATs, Symposium at ETH Zürich (2004-2014)   

    From 2004 till today, there have been some 22 Urban Planning Advisory Teams taking the expertise from both senior and young planners from ISOCARP ...
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  • Nanjing (China) – UPAT 2013

    ISOCARP UPAT Report – Jiangbei New District, Nanjing. The ISOCARP experts visited the Nanjing Urban Planning Bureau in August and ...
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  • Shantou Urban Design Competition 2013

    An ISOCARP jury assessed, compared and discussed the entries of three design teams in an international urban design competition for the Shantou, ...
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  • Shantou (China) – UPAT 2013

    Between 10 and 16 March, an ISOCARP Urban Planning Advisory Team (UPAT) workshop was held in Shantou (China). For this second UPAT workshop in ...
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  • Perm (Russia) – UPAT 2012

    The city and region of Perm hosted the UPAT Workshop “Perm Science City and Knowledge Hub” in July 2012. Recently the final report ...
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  • Past UPATs 2004-2013

    The ISOCARP UPAT Programme looks back on nearly a decade (2004-2013) of successful projects all over the world. 2013, Tlalnepantla, Mexico 2013, ...
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UPAT in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

June – August 2020 Planning Disrupted! webinars In 2018, an UPAT project on urban renewal took place in Durban, South Africa. The planned follow-up seminar on the UPAT Durban project was scheduled for March 2020, and cancelled because of the rising COVID19 pandemic. In consultation with the hosts of the 2018 UPAT project, the eThekwini…

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Moscow Urban Forum

UPAT Lecturing Activities 2019

July 2019 Moscow Urban Forum: “Quality of life. Projects for a better city” In the year 2019 the MUF was exploring how can urban projects (both big and small-scaled) contribute to the new quality of life in cities. The Forum gathered representatives of high-level international organisations, governments and academia as well as series of extraordinary…

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UPAT Annual Report 2018

In 2018, ISOCARP organised a number of UPAT workshops in Guangzhou (China), Durban (South Africa), Ningbo (China) and Suzhou (China). Have a look at the Annual Report 2018 from the Director UPAT and ISOCARP Board Member Milena Ivkovic, to learn more about the previous and upcoming workshops.  

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UPAT Principles

UPATs are ISOCARP’s Urban Planning Advisory Teams. The objective of an ISOCARP UPAT is to mobilize the extensive planning experience and expertise of ISOCARP members in order to help and assist cities and regions with for projects, programmes and policies on spatial planning and urban design. On invitation of a city or a region a…

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