UPAT Lecturing Activities 2019

July 2019

Moscow Urban Forum: “Quality of life. Projects for a better city”

In the year 2019 the MUF was exploring how can urban projects (both big and small-scaled) contribute to the new quality of life in cities. The Forum gathered representatives of high-level international organisations, governments and academia as well as series of extraordinary speakers from the urban policy and design practice.

The city of Moscow has a plan to implement a number of ambitious projects in the housing and transport sector in the coming years, focused on creating better public spaces. ISOCARP (represented by UPAT director Milena Ivkovic) was honoured to present its international activities, experiences on the topic of shaping better urban and UPAT programme’s urban labs methods at two programmes of the Forum, including My District program.


November-December 2019

Moscow Sustainable Development Forum: “Common Future 2019”

Housing transformation, innovation in mobility and large-scaled sustainable development projects in many cities across Russian Federation and abroad were the topic of the  “Common future 2019” Forum in Moscow. ISOCARP’s Milena Ivkovic was a guest speaker at the Forum, showcasing several sustainable urban development projects from the Netherlands during the experts panel. One of the

conclusions of the panel were that the transformation and adaptation of the built environment to the environmental challenges will be the dominant topic in the years to come.

Krasnoyarsk Urban Forum

In the first week of December a group of international and local urban planning experts, policy makers, civic participation activists and governmental officials met in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk for the annual “Krasnoyarsk Urban Forum”. ISOCARP was invited to give a presentation on its international activities and city lab’s projects. UPAT Director Milena Ivkovic participated in the panel discussion on how to make better urban development projects and policies, how to create a quality, highly functional urban environment an finally, how to effectively engage citizens and business as stakeholders in the implementation of various urban projects. On this last topic Milena Ivkovic gave a separate presentation on the Dutch experiences in public participation to the urban planning students of the Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk.


June 2019

Water Management for Climate Resilient Balkan Cities

Over the past years, the Balkan region has been experiencing the effects of climate change, facing frequent flooding and droughts. How can we make the region more resilient to handle the excess of water? How can we manage situations with too little water during long periods? On June 29th 2020, Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) organized the webinar “Water management for climate resilient Balkan cities” where these topics were addressed. ISOCARP’s experiences from its network were presented by UPAT Director Milena Ivkovic, in the presentation on “Adapting to climate extremes by planning and design with water”.

More information on www.netherlandswaterpartnership.co

  • Moscow Urban Forum

  • Moscow Urban Forum

  • Moscow Urban Forum

    Moscow Urban Forum

  • Moscow Sustainable Development Forum

    Moscow Sustainable Development Forum

  • Krasnoyarsk Urban Forum

  • Krasnoyarsk Urban Forum

    Krasnoyarsk Urban Forum

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