ISOCARP Institute

Centre for Urban Excellence

With over five decades of accumulated knowledge and expertise manifested in both our members and within the society, ISOCARP initiated ISOCARP Institute as a research spin-off for generating and disseminating knowledge for better cities and territories.

During the past fifty years, ISOCARP has successfully organised annual international congresses receiving numerous papers, articles and contributions, thus accruing a wealth of knowledge. Furthermore, ISOCARP has initiated many international workshops, regional seminars as well as training sessions with and for young and senior planning professionals and has published numerous reports and articles in the annual Review. With this legacy, ISOCARP has accumulated the resources, skills and deep-rooted know-how central to support and exchange knowledge with the ISOCARP Institute, the Centre for Urban Excellence. We are committed to knowledge generation, documentation and dissemination of research and projects advancing the future of sustainable urban regions.

The Institute’s prime objectives include strengthening cross-border collaboration globally; upholding professional excellence in planning; offering trainings advancing sustainable planning; increasing awareness of major development trends and promoting best practices; all while serving as an “Urban Think Tank” facilitating the generation and dissemination of knowledge for better cities. 

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ISOCARP Institute Academy – Training Jakarta

The ISOCARP Institute Academy Capacity Building Programme will provide participants with an overview of various principles, instruments and tools used across the globe in order to make the cities responsive to the current challenges of urban growth, metropolitan megalopolises, contested role of human dimension in urban development, and a need for adapting local responses to global challenges.

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