UPAT Ningbo Xinmalu District, China, 15-21 April 2018

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Call for Candidates (ISOCARP members only)

We are pleased to inform you that ISOCARP and the Ningbo Urban Planning and Design Institute (NBPI, China), will host a UPAT Workshop 15-21 April 2018. The topic of this UPAT is ’New Identity and Urban Renovation of the Xinmalu Historical District’ in Ningbo.

For centuries Ningbo is one of the busiest trading ports and serves today as the second Chinese harbour after Shanghai. Today and in the coming decades, Ningbo is one of the key cities in the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative that will boast international trade and cultural exchange.

The Ningbo Urban Planning en Design Institute (NBPI) has invited ISOCARP to select a team of experts that will assist the NBPI in their visioning process for the new identity and urban renovation of Ningbo’s Xinmalu Historical District. The ambition of NBPI is that Xinmalu Historical District becomes an example of urban renovation and ecological restoration that combines the restoration of urban functions, the improvement of living conditions and that utilizes potential spatial, social, cultural, ecological and economic values.

The UPAT Team will comprise a total of eight ISOCARP members: the Team Leader, the UPAT Rapporteur, total four senior and young planning professionals, the UPAT Program Coordinator and the Vice President UPATs. This Team will closely work together with a team of planning professionals from NBPI. All team members will write, illustrate and contribute to a dedicated PLAN Magazine that will be presented at the 54th ISOCARP congress in Bodø, Norway, 01-05 October 2018.

ISOCARP members who are interested to participate as Team Leader, UPAT Rapporteur or as one of the senior and young planning professionals are invited to send a letter of intent and a one page CV (resume) to us by email on 01 March 2018 at the latest. However, the sooner we receive your CVs and applications, the better. We start reviewing your CVs and applications as soon as they come in. We hope to be able to notify all applicants of their selection by 08 March 2018.

Call for Candidates UPAT Ningbo Xinmalu District (a.o. scope of work, contributions/expenses, risks, logistics, time scedule, selection process).

The participation in UPAT workshops is only open to full members of ISOCARP. This is the first of three Calls for Candidates for Urban Planning Advisory Teams (UPATs) in 2018. If you have any question or suggestion you are most welcome to contact us.

Milena Ivkovich, Board Member of ISOCARP, Urban Planning Advisory Teams (UPATs)

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