UPAT Guangzhou, China, 3-10 June 2018

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ISOCARP and the  Guangzhou Urban Planning & Design Survey Research Institute (GZPI, China) will host a UPAT Workshop 03-10 June 2018. The topic of this UPAT is the ’Guangzhou Historic and Cultural Corridors’.

Today, the old town of Guangzhou has a rich heritage with districts, islands, parks, waterways and buildings with a large variety of backgrounds, stories, histories and identities. Many of these places of interest are now isolated and deserve a better context, better connections and more attention. Learning from the Freedom Trail in Boston, USA, Guangzhou has launched the program of ‘Most Guangzhou’ for its Historic and Cultural Corridors to improve the accessibility and identification of historical resources as well as the environment along the corridor. Guangzhou follows the idea of ‘Passing through 2000 years to Recall the Stories of Guangzhou’ by designing a series of unique pedestrian routes that connect the most historical and traditional buildings, streets, parks and neighbourhoods. These routes can become great stages to tell the stories of Guangzhou and present Guangzhou to the world.

The GZPI has invited ISOCARP to select a team of eight experts that will cooperate with five planners from the GZPI Planning Team and three experts selected by UPSC in their planning efforts for the Guangzhou Historic and Cultural Corridors. The ambition of GZPI is to assess and connect the historic urban resources of Guangzhou, and to accelerate the functional dispersal, optimization and upgrade along the corridors. It will lead to the improvement of microclimate and environment quality in the old town, and finally a sustainable community.

The UPAT Team will comprise a total of eight ISOCARP members: the Team Leader, the UPAT Rapporteur, total four senior and young planning professionals, the UPAT Program Coordinator and the Vice President UPATs. This Team will closely work together with a team of planning professionals from GZPI. All team members will write, illustrate and contribute to a dedicated PLAN Magazine that will be presented at the 54th ISOCARP congress in Bodø, Norway, 01-05 October 2018. You can download the Call for Candidates here.

The participation in UPAT workshops is only open to full members of ISOCARP. This is the third Call for Candidates for Urban Planning Advisory Teams (UPATs) in 2018. If you have any question or suggestion you are most welcome to contact us.

Milena Ivkovich, Board Member of ISOCARP, Urban Planning Advisory Teams (UPATs)

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