UPAT Qingdao, China, September 2019

In the second half of 2019, the Qingdao West Coast New Area planning authorities have invited ISOCARP Institute to provide it with a contemporary, international urban planning and design knowledge perspective on the next stage development and implementation of the (governmental) policies for the new era in development of the maritime cities. This knowledge perspective was presented in the format of an UPAT Design Week – a 5-day intensive collaborative creative process between Chinese and international planning experts and designers, which embodied field visits, presentations, dialogues and a design charrette.

The QiaoTouPu area in Qingdao has been chosen as the location for the UPAT Design Week. The aim of the Design Week was to define this location and the wider Qingdao’s West Coast Area as a model for the knowledge/production/trade-oriented city of the future. The main idea behind the produced QiaoTouPu planning and design model is to form a circular metabolic system, based on the sustainable use of resources, coastal landscape protection and management, application of the state-of-the art urban digitalization solutions, efficient infrastructural / mobility solutions and creating a diversity of mixed, safe and quality urban environments for its citizens.

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UPAT ISOCARP experts team:
Milena Ivkovic – ISOCARP
Sebastien Goethals – ISOCARP
Bjorn van Randow – Shandong Tong Yuan Design Group
Alex Camprubi – Fundacion Metropoli
Marco Egidi – IFADUR
Haris Piplas – Drees & Sommer
Carlos Gomez – CRG architects
Client: Qingdao West Coast new Area QiaoTouPu District Headquarters, Qingdao, China
Project Period: September 2019


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