Some Facts about Bodø and practical Information

Longitude: 14o23´East
Latitude: 67o17 North

Population: 50 090 (1 Jan. 2016)

Midnight sun: 2/6 – 10/7
Polar night: 29/12 – 15/2
Northern Lights: September – March

Average temperature:
Mean temperature: 4,60 C
Average October temperature: 5,20 C

Country code: +47

Emergency Telephone Numbers:
Police: 112
Fire: 110
Medical Assistance: 113
Emergency room (ER): 116 117
Emergency number concerning congress matters: +47 90875173

Taxi: 07550

From the airport to the city:
You can walk from the airport to the city! It’s only a 10 minute walk. If you do not want to walk busses 1 and 4 go from the airport to and through the city centre.

Public transport:
The bus is the main means of public transport. More information on the bus system, departures and tickets at Important:  Buses does not take cash, only cards. You can buy bus tickets through the app “Billett Nordland”.

Time in Norway:

Currency: NOK (10 NOK approx 1 EUR)
Name: Norwegian Krone (kr)
Coins: kr1, kr5, kr10, kr20
Banknotes: kr50, kr100, kr200, kr500, kr1000

Norway uses the Europlug (Type C & F), which has two round prongs. If you are traveling from the U.S., you will likely need either an electricity transformer or adapter for your devices to use the 220 volts of electricity that come out of the wall outlets. Most of Scandinavia uses 220 volts.

Norwegian, however, most Norwegians understand and talk English very well.

Tap water is both safe and good to drink. We recommend using a bottle that you refill.

Biggest supermarkets:
Coop, Kiwi, Rema 1000
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 7-23, Sat 8-22, Sun closed
Normal opening hours shopping: 10-18/20

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