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The city of Bodø decorated by northern lights in October



Few other Norwegian cities and towns have been gifted with such magnificent and spectacular scenery as Bodø. The town provides a fascinating mixture of superb nature and a modern, urban and vibrant lifestyle. Right at the heart of all this you will sense the informal and friendly atmosphere amongst its population. It is a vibrant town, excellent for shopping, cultural and sports and leisure activities.

The regional capital of the County of Nordland has apparently been reaching for the stars in recent years, rapidly closing in on citizen number 52,000. This makes Bodø the second largest town in the North of Norway, beaten only by Tromsø. Bodø is currently one of the fastest growing towns in the whole of Norway.

Bodø’s location has put the town right in pole position when it comes to communication, trade and services. Travellers by air, rail and sea all meet in the heart of this city. This is, however, just one of the things that has made our town one of Norway’s most popular locations for events, meetings, conferences and get-togethers of all kinds.



Apart from tourism, the town’s other important key trades are health services, commerce and the Armed Forces, and in particular the Norwegian Air Force.
Bodø can proudly present itself as the country’s number one aviation site, boasting a modern airport terminal, Norway’s main Air Force station and an active aviation sports community.

For these reasons the Norwegian Parliament decided to locate both the Norwegian Civil Aviation and Military Aviation history in what is now one of the town’s most interesting attractions, the Norwegian Aviation Museum


Students also make a great impact on everyday living in Bodø. The University of Nordland  is currently home to more than 12000 students. Global challenges demand new insight, innovative solutions and local legitimacy. Nord University is a young university with strong regional ties and a global perspective. Nord University has established collaborations with international partners in the High North and around the globe. Established joint degree programmes and research projects with, among others, Russia, the Ukraine and Slovakia, build on strong educational networks. Nord University admits exchange students from partner institutions from around the world and supports a lively and diverse student community.

With the support of the High North Center of Business and Governance at the university, it is expected that an increasing number of Norwegian and International companies and enterprises will develop and expand their commercial interests and activities in the northern region, particularly towards and within Russia.


Bodø’s cultural stage is exciting all year round. The town offers close to everything a heart may desire; major music festivals, a vibrant nightlife, art exhibitions, intimate club concerts, and good restaurants – you name it!

Bodø and the Salten region are experiencing a period of growth, a fact which is also reflected in restaurant circles and with local manufacturers. Locally roasted coffee, salt from the Saltstraumen, cheese from Kjerringøy and beer from the city’s micro- brewery are just some of the things you will find here.

Bodø’s night life offers everything from small, intimate pubs with local beers, to pul- sating dance floors open till the early hours of the morning.

Bodø has since 2006 hosted the Park Music Festival  This festival attracts attendances of more than 10,000 every August.

Open-air-concerts on the mountains and beaches surrounding the town are getting increasingly famous. The highlight of the Festival is the annual Keiservarden music event, attracting great crowds who join together on a mountain to enjoy a concert overviewing the town and its magnificent surroundings.

Other major cultural locations include Bodø Cathedral, Bodin Church, Salten Museum, the Nordland Heritage Centre and Nyholm’s Redoubt, all presenting high quality event sites.

The village of Kjerringøy lies just to the north of Bodø – a scenic gem in a well-preserved historical landscape. Amongst the attractions here is the old trading post, from which one of Norway’s famous authors, Nobel Prize Winner Knut Hamsun, got the inspiration needed for a number of his famous novels.

In the heart of Bodø city centre there are two white buildings standing next to each other. Since its opening in 2014, Stormen Library and Stormen Concert Hall has already won several architectural awards.

Stormen concert hall covered with lights in October

The main concert hall at Stormen is renowned as one of the best halls in the world when it comes to the performance of acoustic music. You can hear the city’s own ensemble, the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra and Opera live here, or attend one of the innumerable productions and concerts that are set up every year. The library has become a meeting place for people of all ages, and includes a café and spacious children’s section. Festivals, theme nights and lots more are arranged here. Be sure to check out the programme before you get here.

The city is applying to be European capital of culture 2024.



Bodø is also Norway’s primary town for nature experiences. In December 2012 Bodø was rated among the world´s top twenty destinations by the National Geographic. Located in the heart of what several international tourist organisations have described as the world’s most beautiful coastline, the town offers a wide range of spectacular natural experiences – directly at your doorstep.

Scuba diving in the world-famous maelstrom Saltstraumen, hang-gliding from the Keiservarden mountain and a sea eagle safari to the north of the town are other options. …or a ski trip to the Erlingbu cabin, a bike ride around the lake Soløyvannet or a summer visit to the white sandy beaches of Mjelle?

Saltstraumen – the worlds strongest tidal current

The Bodø area hosts a total of 15 nature reserves and areas of considerable scientific interest. It also lies close to two of Nordland County’s many national reserves. Among these are Mount Saltfjellet, the glacier Svartisen and the valleys and woods of Sjunkhatten. Svartisen, some 2 ½ hours drive south of Bodø, is in fact the largest glacier in Northern Scandinavia and the second largest in Europe.



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