Pre- and post-congress tours

Bodø has beautiful surroundings which can be explored during the week-end before or after the congress or as an accompanying partners’ tour during the congress.
Although for some tours it is mentioned May-September, it is possible to book them in the congress period in October.

1. Svartisen – Day Trip

Bodø is your starting point for a day trip to Svartisen. An adventure for those of you who want to get close to the glacier, touch it and walk on it as well. No experience is necessary for a guided glacier trip to Svartisen.

Price: 1200 NOK; min 4 persons; 12 hours
More Information and booking

2. Hiking – Day Trip to Åselidalen in Bodø – “The Hidden Valley”

Åselidalen in Bodø is a beautiful valley with crystal clear mountain lakes and waterfalls. A peaceful, moderate day hike from Bodø in Northern Norway. The trip also includes a visit to Saltstraumen, the strongest tidewater current in the world.

Price: 1200 NOK; min 2 persons; 6-8 hours
More Information and booking

3. Mjelle – Coastal Day Hike to Bodøs no.1 Beach

Mjelle Beach is one of many beaches close to Bodø in Northern Norway and a great place for a short excursion from this beautiful Northern town. White sandy beaches may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Arctic Norway, right?

Price: 950 NOK; min 2 persons; 4-6 hours
More Information and booking

4. Givær – Day Trip to Bodø’s Westernmost Outpost

Givær is a remote island located 50 km north of the Arctic Circle and 28 km west of Bodø. Givær is Bodø’s westernmost outpost and one of Nordland’s smallest inhabited islands (local population 15). Givær is truly a hidden gem along the Arctic coast of Northern Norway. Only a few visitors find their way to this island and its fascinating history. Although tiny, the island’s hospitality and welcome are legendary.

Price: 1500 NOK; min 4 persons; 9-11 hours
More Information and booking

5. Experience amazing Saltstraumen

Come join us in a real adventure riding the strongest tidal current in the world: Saltstraumen! A mind moving experience through a breathtaking scenery. The tidal current forces its way through the narrow strait, creating the distinctive whirls. If you want an experience unlike anything else you have experienced, a trip to Saltstraumen with one of our RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) is what you are looking for.

Price: 725 NOK; 2 hours
More Information and booking

6. Walk in the arctic area

Come along and join us on a guided walking tour.
A devotion to nature is ingrained in Norwegian culture. During the tour we will describe the geology of the area, tell you about the local history and explain our dependency on the sea. We will show you one of the many Viking graves discovered in this area. Walking along the shore, across sandy beaches giving you some amazing views at the time of the day when the light can play tricks on your eyes!

Price: 425 NOK; 2 hours
More Information and booking

7. Fasten your seatbelt and come fly with us! 

At Newton Flight Academy we can all fly. No experience or knowledge is required to book an appointment with us.

Are you one of those who has always wondered what it would be like to be in a cockpit, to see what it`s like before takeoff and landing?  Well now, you can get that experience firsthand.

Are you one of those who has spent hours in front of your PC using flight simulator X or something similar, but would love to try the full motion simulator experience?

We offer flight simulator sessions for beginners and advanced users. In our full motion two-seat simulators you are the captain and are in full control of the aircraft  from take off to landing. We have highly qualified simulator instructors ready to give you a safe and unique flying experience.

Price: 350 NOK
Book one simulator for a maximum of 2 persons. 1 Ticket is equal to one simulator.

More information and booking

Newton Flight Academy is located right across the Norwegian aviation museum which is open on a daily basis.

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