Paper/Case Study submission Bodø

Deadline for paper/case study, session submission: 15 July 2018.

For Guidelines for Papers click here (see p.3).

In short:
• Application: PDF
• Page size: A4
• Margins: 2.5 cm on all sides
• Header and footer margins: 1 cm
• Header in 10 point Arial: Author’s Name, Short Title of Paper, 54th ISOCARP Congress 2018
• Footer in 10 point Arial: Page number, centred, ISOCARP logo
• Text: 11 point Arial
• Main title: 14 point Arial Bold
• Beneath title in 11 point Arial: Given and FAMILY* names of author(s) in either order, with FAMILY* name in upper case (capitals); affiliation if any (organisation, agency, institution, etc.); country.
• Next, either the synopsis or a shortened abstract may be included, but not both.
• Headings: 11 point Arial Bold; subheadings italic.
• Images, figures and tables: captions and sources of data below the graphic, with sources of all data and figures, in 10 point Arial italic.
• Length of paper: 10-12 pages.


Example_ISOCARP_paper           Example_ISOCARP_paper in pdf

Paper submission: Please submit your paper in pdf format.

Case studies/research projects: In case you do not submit a paper please submit your presentation as a small size pfd (not more than 2MB).





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