Technical Tours Bodø

On Monday, 1 October 2018, the following technical tours will be organised:

  1. New City – New Airport: The history of Bodø as an airport city and the life along a NATO air base, and Bodø’s huge development project the coming years.
  2. City walk: City of Bodø – past, present and future (additional walk at 13.00).
  3. Bodøsjøen: Culture heritage and recreation area. Guided walk and workshop.
  4. Keiservarden mountain: Hiking to the top of Keiservarden (366 mas). Facilitation of recreation areas. (Good shoes, clothes and basic fitness required).
  5. Nord University: Role of the Nord University in Bodø, past, present and future.

Start of all tours: 10:00 with pick-up in the city centre.
Limit of participants: 45
Duration: 3-5 hours.

Brief description tours:

1.      New City – New Airport

It is decided to relocate most of the military activity from Bodø to Ørlandet, a municipality further south in Norway. This is, on one hand, a dramatic resolution; at the same time, it is an opportunity. Thus, the existing runway is soon to be outdated leaving a vast land in need of regeneration. Based on these premises, the Norwegian Parliament also decided to provide funding for the relocation of the airport taking into consideration the increasing population and the scarcity of land within Bodø municipality. This has turned the situation from something negative to something purely positive. The new location of the airport will be 900 metres south of the existing runway (see figure), instead of a new airport at the periphery of the city. This will help the city to expand and to build increment by increment from the city core.

This tour will focus on Bodøs aviation and military history, and the huge project of moving the airport and new land for urban development on former NATO-base.


2.      City walk

  • Walk around the city centre
  • Learn about
    • History of the City of Bodø
    • Architecture of, and in, the city
    • Future projects in the city





3.      Bodøsjøen

In the Bodøsjøen area we find several historical and archaeological sites, as well as cultural institutions. It is also among the city’s more popular outdoor recreation areas. The tour will feature a guided walk, followed by a discussion and workshop on future possibilities for strengthening the area as a cultural hub and centre, and securing important green-space corridors and connections.



4.      Keiservarden mountain (366 mas):

Half day hiking trip: Basic fitness, shoes for hiking and warm, wind- and waterproof clothes required. Lunch served outside.

This mobile workshop will focus on facilitation of recreation areas close to the city. It will also touch on how area and city planning has had the aim to give people access to various recreational opportunities close to residential areas. Hiking to the top of Keiservarden gives a spectacular view, within a short distance from the city center. The specific track we are going to follow were built in 2016, by experts from Nepal, and has made it appealing for more people to explore the mountain.


5.      Nord University and Mørkved district centre

  • Located 10 km east from city centre (red dot)
  • Get a guided tour around the University area and Mørkved district centre
  • Learn about:
    • The history of the University
    • University’s role in the local society in Mørkved district centre
    • Future expansion for the University.




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