Track 5:  SOCIAL NETWORKS: Citizen Participation, Urban Governance and Cultural Transformation

Ali Alraouf, Egypt/Qatar

Ali Alraouf is an architect and urban planner interested in research and practice related to holistic architectural and urbanism. He has held permanent and visiting teaching and research positions at regional and international universities including University of California at Berkeley-USA. His research interests are: Knowledge-based Urban Development, Post-Carbon Contemporary Gulf Cities, Urban Vitalization of Historical Districts, Knowledge and Creative Cities. He published more than 95 journal refereed papers, critical reviews, essays, in addition to books and book chapters. His latest book titled “Knowledge-based Urban Development in the Middle East”.

He delivered lectures in over 25 countries and is currently acts as Head of Capacity Building, Training, Research and Development unit at Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME). He is also a visiting Professor at HBK University and the Chairman of Green Urbanism and Planning Group at Qatar Green Building Council.


Nupur Prothi, India/Sweden

With two decades of experience as a landscape architect, Nupur’s emphasis on collaborative engagements and synergies across disciplines is rooted in her academic background. With graduate and post-graduate degrees in Physical Planning and Landscape Architecture from SPA Delhi and Heritage Conservation from University of York (UK), her work through Beyond Built Pvt Ltd, a research-based design practice in Delhi, seeks to bridge these diverse interests. The firm is currently involved in various water-front projects for the Government in India. She envisions a concentration over the next two decades towards community-driven projects in urban spaces in India, a culturally-diverse, democratic nation. Her multi-disciplinary approach and experience across sectors, linking theory and practice will hopefully help her in this endeavour.

Currently based out of Stockholm she is an Advisory Circle Member of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), Advisory Board Member of the Institute of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISoCaRP), and a voting expert on the ICOMOS Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes. Nupur Prothi Khanna was the co-chair for Scientific Symposium of the 19th Triennial ICOMOS General Assembly held at Delhi, India from 11th to 15th December 2017. She has been actively involved with the Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) since (2005) and has been Secretary, Delhi Chapter (2012-14) and Executive Council Member, ISOLA in 2015-17.



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