What we do

The objectives of ISOCARP are to improve cities and territories through planning practice, training, education and research. ISOCARP promotes the planning profession in all its aspects. ISOCARP keeps its focus on being a politically and commercially independent network of professional planners. It has grown into a world-wide organisation but has also kept a strong European emphasis.

The Society aims at becoming a more global organisation and is particularly looking for a stronger base in Asia, Latin America and Africa. However, it is also important to strengthen the traditional European base.The main tools of ISOCARP are the yearly congresses, symposia, workshops and publications.


  • improvement of planning practice through the creation of a platform for the exchange between planners from different countries
  • promotion of the planning profession in all its aspects, notably from the point of view of its identity, the services it can render, and the conditions required for it to function
  • promotion of planning research
  • improvement (in theory and practice) of planning education and training
  • provision of information and advice on major planning issues


  • annual congress dealing with a topical planning theme
  • seminars, conferences, exhibitions and study tours
  • publication of congress reports, seminar reports and case studies
  • workshops and competitions especially for young planners
  • publication of up to date comparative material on planning policies, methods, legislation, etc. on every country, whether represented in the Society or not
  • representation at major international events concerned with planning
  • evaluation of developments and trends in planning practice
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