Beyond the Metropolis | 9 Feb 2020, 2-4 PM

Inspiring and innovative initiatives to strengthen territorial management of worldwide metropolises and large-city regions

Organised by: MTPA, ISOCARP, UN-Habitat’s MetroHUB
Date: Sunday, 9 February 2020
Time: 2-4 PM
Venue: Hall 3, Room 13

‘Beyond the Metropolis’ Networking Event – organised by the Metropolitan and Territorial Planning Agencies global network (MTPA), in partnership with the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) and UN-Habitat’s MetroHUB – will provide presentations from high-level institutions and large city-regions in charge of urban development and culture with their approaches on the innovative tools for planning, governing and financing large city regions, both monocentric megalopolitan complexes as well functional polycentric metropolitan regional networks.

The event will explore what professional planners can and need to contribute to culture-based planning and managing large city-regions, including rural and natural areas that are critical for a metabolic and regenerative urban ecosystem. Two round tables will follow introductory presentations. The first roundtable will invite large city regions to present their main challenges on culture and innovation. The second roundtable will invite global actors to offer a synthetic view on challenges for large city-regions. The event will feature a number of metropolitan cases including Jakarta, Gauteng, Montreal, Barcelona, Medellin and Hangzhou. 

At the event, two new publications will be launched: “Cities Change the World” published by Institut Paris Region and “Planning for Metropolitan areas” published by ISOCARP.  

The Networking Event will also provide the opportunity to adopt a Declaration on culture-based planning and managing large city-regions.


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