Space Syntax @ WUF10

We are happy to announce that Space Syntax will sponsor our Social Event during the World Urban Forum. They will participate in some activities of ISOCARP and actively contribute and speak at other sessions. On Saturday, 8 February, Space Syntax will participate at the Business Assembly. On Monday, 10 February, Tim Stonor will join the Book Launch of Cities of Opportunities and on Tuesday, 11 February, the second part with additional speakers. Furthermore, Tim Stonor and Eleri Jones will speak on Monday, 4:30-5:30 PM at the ISOCARP booth to discuss Space Syntax’ approach to “Mobility for carbon-friendly Cities.”

We are looking forward to our joint activities and further collaboration and invite our members to attend one of the events or reach out to schedule a meeting.

About Space Syntax

Space Syntax provides creative expertise in architecture and urban planning. Operating worldwide, they combine global design experience with advanced digital technology. Their science-based and human-focused approach forecasts the social, economic and environmental impacts of development on the lives of people.

Space Syntax’s mission is the creation of thriving life in buildings and urban places.

Addressing issues of mobility, land use vitality, access to employment, wealth distribution, car dependency, community cohesion and health inequality, Space Syntax analysis puts people at the heart of policies and action plans. They help public and private organisations forecast the performance of large urban areas, from individual towns to entire national networks. Their modelling platforms assemble data on spatial layout, land use and transport connectivity.

Space Syntax works with the developers of complex real estate projects to shape patterns of effective footfall and space use and, in doing so, to enhance property values. From initial concept sketching and design testing, to planning negotiations and technical analyses, they provide a creative and evidence-rich approach to urban planning, design and impact forecasting.

Download the Thriving Life brochure.


Space Syntax will be represented at the World Urban Forum by:

Tim Stonor – Architecture | Urban planning
Eleri Jones – Urban Policy | Foresight




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