Routledge Prize 2018

More than 20 posters were submitted for the Routledge Prize and were exhibited at the ISOCARP Congress in Bodø, Norway.  The posters are highly individual in their style and approach. The jury members had a difficult job to distinguish a winner.

Jury Members were Nicole Wirz, Griet Geerinck, Marianne Siiri, Pedro Garcia, Han Admiraal (Jury chair).

Read here the JURY REPORT:

In general the jury found that all contestants produced remarkable posters and we commend them for the work and creativity demonstrated. The posters were judged against three criteria: content, graphics and message. We particularly looked out how the message was conveyed and how wide an audience it would appeal to.

For the jury there were two posters in particular that stood out. The runner-up had a very strong message specifically to professional planners. The winner for us ticked not only all three boxes but conveyed the message in such a way that it is accessible for a wider audience. We feel that this is very important as this congress emphasized that for smarter cities we need smarter approaches that involve all stakeholders.

Therefore as a runner-up, we commend the poster ‘Urban Ecological Planning’ of Marcin Sliwa (who is the YPP present) and graduate students of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Rolee Aranya, Hilde Refstie, Hanne Vrebos, as it clearly illustrates a new approach to urban planning.

The winner is Mariana Fiúza who in one poster (Teresina’s recipe for climate action) gave us a recipe for dealing with urban challenges and also reminded us that there is not one magic formula. The importance of her poster is the way in which she shares the story with a wider audience and makes a real life case accessible to that audience.

Bodø, 4 October 2018

A big thank you to the Routledge Publishing House for making this prize possible.


Mariana Fiúza and Marcin Sliwa receive their prizes from the Jury members and ISOCARP Board member Zeynep Gunay.

The winning posters
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People’s Choice

Besides the jury members, congress participants were also invited to vote for the poster they liked best. This vote was entirely separate from the judging of the Routledge Prize, which was completed prior to the counting of the People’s Choice votes. The winner of the People’s Choice prize was again Mariana Fiúza from Brazil.

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