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Q&A with Martin Dubbeling, President of ISOCARP

Martin Dubbeling, President of ISOCARP, invited the two candidates for the office of Secretary General to an open discussion and started with some initial questions for both candidates. Please find the answers below. If you want to contribute to the discussion, please visit the individual candidate pages, join the conversation in the Members’ Area or share your questions via elections@isocarp.org.


Question 1: Since when are you a member?

Answer Frank D’hondt: “Since 2000 I believe, but discontinued when ISOCARP became too much of a Old Boys network. The 43rd Congress in Antwerp was a positive turning point to come back and push for more Flemish and Belgian members.”

Answer Dushko Bogunovich: “I have been I a member since 1984 (I think!).”


Question 2: Which ISOCARP congresses did you visit?

Answer Frank D’hondt: “Cannot recall them all but Utrecht 2001 was memorable as a content provider through a process of 4 informal preparatory workshops throughout Europe, resulting in a manifesto ‘Planning is dead and we’re fine with it’. Istanbul in 2006 was also good but Antwerp 2007 was special as member of the organizing committee, lead by Jef Van den Broeck. Following years were difficult to attend due to my work for UN-Habitat in the Balkans, Palestine and Afghanistan. Lately, since becoming freelance in 2016, I was finally more free to attend and contribute to the last three congresses, including the role of co-rapporteur and presenting a paper at the Bodø congress last year. Was also happy to contribute to the Review 14, with a brief account of the UPAT on Zonghshan Avenue in Wuhan, China.”

Answer Dushko Bogunovich: “I have attended the congresses in: Braga (1984), Berlin (1985), Delhi (1987), Sydney (1995), Jerusalem (1996; GR), Antwerp (2007), Brisbane (2013), Durban (2016), Bodø (2018; GR).”


Question 3: What are your activities at the upcoming congress in Jakarta?

Answer Frank D’hondt: “I applied again for rapporteur but happy to allow others this unique experience. Instead I have invested quite some time in contributing to the Review 15, to be launched in Jakarta. I also prepared a paper to be presented at the Jakarta congress, chosen as lead paper. As always I will also perform the role of mentor for young professionals. Also happy I could mobilize some planners to become member and join the Congress this year.”

Answer Dushko Bogunovich: “I am presenting two papers at the Jakarta congress: one co-authored, the other one authored by me and selected to keynote Track 1 (Limitless Cities and Urban Futures). I will also participate in:

  • some UPAT-related activities (Suzhou workshop outcomes);
  • the Beyond Heritage session; and possibly
  • in any initiatives to involve ISOCARP in the planning of the new capital of Indonesia in Borneo.

I have the feeling Jakarta will be our greatest congress ever!”

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