Elections 2020 – Pirouz Hanachi

Dear members and my colleagues,

It is a great honor for me to address you in my statement for the presidency of ISOCARP.

I am Pirouz Hanachi, the current Mayor of Tehran, capital city of Iran.

My educational background is in Architecture and urban studies and I received my PhD. in Urban and historical Cities Renewal. During the past years, I have served in many positions related to urban planning such as deputy-dean of College of Fine Arts (University of Tehran), Chairman of Research and Studies Center and Deputy for Architecture and Urban Affairs (Ministry of Roads and Urban Development), Vice-President for Architecture and Urban Development (High Council of Architecture and Urban Development of Iran) and Deputy-Mayor of Tehran for Urban Development and Architecture (Tehran Municipality).

I have a strong belief in working together to make the world where we like to live. In the current stage of my administration, I am Co-President of United Cities and Local Governments- Middle East and West Asia Section (UCLG-MEWA) and Member of Metropolis Board of Directors. Also, Tehran is founder of Asian Mayors Forum (AMF) and a lead city in Mayors for Peace. These are the examples of efforts made for networking in order to interact with other cities, organizations, institutes and individuals to exchange information and develop professional or social relations.

We need to take advantage of potentials of individual and institutional actors. This is the reason I am announcing my nomination for ISOCARP presidency. If elected, I plan on expanding the network and making sure that we are reaching our full potential. Tehran’s motto is “Tehran, a city for all” which is completely in line with the objective of SDGs; leaving no one behind. Not only including all as target groups of our programs, but also including all in finding most effective ways to educate and plan.

Today, the world has faced with a new global challenge: the outbreak of COVID19. It has changed all aspects of our social and professional life, including our view on urban affairs and how our cities and regions can answer the needs of citizens in times of crisis. Although this has been a great challenge, I see this as an opportunity for capacity building. Together, we can ensure that we are ready to embrace the change and opportunities that arise from difficulties.

Since I took over the office of the Mayor of Tehran, I have actively tried to not only put my knowledge and experience into use, but also to create an environment in which for all my colleagues can become their best version to serve the citizens. Now what I offer to ISOCARP and its esteemed members is that I will try to expand the ISOARP network and activities and facilitate collaboration and cooperation between the members in this big and great network of urban planners to stay unique and inclusive.

I wish health and prosperity for you and hope to be honored with your votes to take our partnership one step further.

Dr. Pirouz Hanachi

Mayor of Tehran


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