Institutional Membership


  • being part of a large network of planning professionals
  • being part of all project activities
  • entitled to a Panel Exhibition Stand at the ISOCARP Congress (provided that membership dues are paid and the Local Organising Committee of the respective host country accepts)
  • entitled to be part of ISOCARP committees or working groups
  • can appoint an Official Representative as contact person.  He/she enjoys the privileges of a a full member
  • members and/or employees of an Institutional Member can apply for Full Affiliate Membership (FAM) and have the privilege of paying a reduced membership fee (see below).

Criteria for Acceptance:

  • being a planning related organisation in good standing
  • approval by VP Members and NDs needed in consultation with the Executive Committee.


There are two categories of institutional fees:

  • Cat IM-a: Local, Regional and National Governments, flat rate: € 900,-
  • Cat IM-b: Institutes & Organizations, flat rate: € 500,-.

Member affiliated with an Institutional Member of ISOCARP
Members and/or employees of an Institutional Member of ISOCARP can apply for Affiliate Membership and have the privilege of paying a reduced individual membership fee: € 108,00 – Country Category A and B and € 54,00 – Country Category C and D. For Country Categories click here.


To become an Institutional member, the institution needs to apply for Institutional Membership, fill out the designation form and have the Institutional Representative fill out an application for Individual Membership.

When all 3 forms have been sent in, the institution will receive a confirmation that the application was received as well as an invoice.

Once the payment for membership has been paid, the Institution will become a member of ISOCARP. A welcome email will be sent as well as a receipt of the paid invoice

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