3rd Edition of Mentor & Student Research Lab has been completed!

The Mentor & Student Research Lab (MSRL) is a common initiative of collaboration of ISOCARP, Urban Revolution Laboratory LEM-ur and DoctorAnts, Gdańsk University of Technology student research clubs. It promotes collaboration between professionals and students in the area of research on the city and the region by establishing a network of contacts and acquainting students with their role in research. The third edition of the MSRL, which was organised by Magdalina Draheim and Hanna  Obracht-Prondzynska with supervisions of Slawomir Ledwon and Zeynep Gunay, entitled as “The Public Spaces of Tomorrow” has taken place from December 2019 to May 2020, and focused on the themes of ‘Public spaces and Neo-localism vs Neo-globalization’, ‘Public spaces and Big Data’, ‘Gendered nature of public spaces and immigration engagement’, ‘Influence of water and extreme weather’, ‘Public spaces and Co-creation’ and ‘Management of the planning and implementation process of public spaces’. The five research teams of 24 students supervised by Sławomir Ledwoń, Ronit Davidovici–Marton, Rajendra Kumar, Solvere Lim, Karolina Wojnowska-Paterek and Elisabeth Belpaire, worked remotely from 20 different countries and in diverse formats responding to uncertainties challenged by COVID-19. The final works will be shared with our members during the 56th ISOCARP World Planning Congress. We are also excited to announce that the MSRL project was chosen in a competition “Otwarty IKM” (Instytut Kultury Miejskiej) related with project Urb Cultural Planning.


Please check out our webpage for more information, or follow us from Facebook via @mentorstudendresearchlab to get more information on the process and results

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