Beyond Heritage and Place Making – New UPAT PLAN Magazines

ISOCARP is glad to announce that new PLAN Magazines have been published. The efforts and achievements of the different UPAT world projects will be presented at the 55th ISOCARP World Planning Congress, Jakarta-Bogor, Indonesia.

The Congress will be the official occasion to launch the Plan Magazine #9 – Suzhou.
Is it possible to design appropriate strategies of spatial and urban improvement without interfering with the authenticity and integrity of any protected heritage areas? How can cultural heritage become a tool of urban renewal? The issue of integration of urban planning and heritage conservation is a demanding task, and ISOCARP is seriously considering it in many of its activities.
Discover what solutions the UPAT Suzhou proposed reading the Plan Magazine and attending the relative session at the Congress:
Tuesday 10 September, 16:30 – 17:00 – Session ‘Beyond Heritage’

Furthermore, a UPAT Special Session will also take place during the Congress. This special session will host a panel discussion on different UPAT workshops. It will be an occasion to reflect on the contemporary role of public space in metropolis, with a special focus on the experiences of place-making.
Thursday 12 September, 11:30 – 13:00 – ‘UPAT Special Session’

Lastly, PLAN Magazine #7 – Durban is now available online.


*Check out the Programme of the Congress for more information

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