Urgent Call for Applications – EU ESPRESSO Project

espresso-projectExperts for H2020-SCC-3-2015 ESPRESSO Project


Esteemed colleagues,

We are happy to announce that the ESPRESSO Proposal submitted to the Horizon2020 Smart Cities and Communities call (SCC-3-2015) this spring has been accepted by the Commission, with ISOCARP as a member of the consortium. Subsequently, we are looking for a Planning Professional member of ISOCARP to manage the day-by-day implementation of the project on the organization’s side.

The ESPRESSO project will be coordinated by the Open Geospatial Consortium (Europe) Ltd. from the United Kingdom and will run for 24 months.


Project description

ESPRESSO – „systEmic Standardisation apPRoach to Empower Smart citieS and cOmmunities” focuses on the development of a conceptual Smart Cities Information Framework, which consists of a Smart City platform (the so-called Smart City enterprise application) and a number of data provision and processing services to integrate data, workflows, and processes in applications relevant for Smart Cities within a common framework.

To build this framework, the project will identify relevant open standards, technologies, and information models that are currently in use or in development in various sectors. It will analyse potential issues caused by gaps and overlaps across standards developed by the various standardization organizations and provides guidelines on how to effectively solve those issues. A particular emphasis will be put on common denominators in order to eventually allow for horizontal interoperability between the various sectors of a smart city.

The general objectives of the project are the following:

  1. Creation of a “Smart City stakeholder community”
  2. Definition of a Smart City interoperability framework
  3. Accelerating deployment and lower cost of standardisation
  4. Definition of a Smart City information framework
  5. Creation of a business framework for Smart City standards-based technologies
  6. Understanding the legal, social, and economic impact of the actions proposed
  7. Dissemination and creation of awareness for project results.


Involvement of ISOCARP

The involvement of ISOCARP and subsequently the expert we seek will address the following:

  1. Development, under the coordination of ATOS, of the sectorial systems analysis from the perspective of a city planning organization. This task will identify and analyse the various sectorial services of relevance for the Smart City information framework, including general research trends and barriers and competitive positioning of European stakeholders at global level.
  2. Definition of reference case studies, data transfer, standardization requirements. This task will be led by ISOCARP and will materialize in a report analysing the scope of Smart City use cases.
  3. Definition of a Smart City information and indicator platform. This task, led by ISOCARP, will include the provision of a standard ESPRESSO City Information and Indicator Platform that can be used to create online services to help cities self-assess their performance in various sectorial services. The platform consists of on online publication (called “the Atlas of European Smart City”) that will be complemented by a 3D mapping website (using Google Earth or similar technology).
  4. Involvement in the pilot activities of ESPRESSO and support / transfer of knowledge for pilot cities testing the use cases identified.
  5. Involvement in building awareness among citizens and the RTD, local government and industry communities, which will consist in organization of workshops and other events meant to build awareness in the local government.


Assignment and selection of the candidate

The Planning Professional will be requested to write, illustrate and contribute to the outputs under ISOCARP responsibility: „The scope of Smart City use cases” (1 Report) and „Smart City indicator platform” (1 platform).

The ideal candidate we seek should be able to demonstrate the following expertise and skills:

  • Research and analyses of regions, cities, global trends, case studies, theory and practice related to the cultural phenomenon associated with the Smart Cities concept;
  • Ability to develop use cases for Smart Cities technology;
  • Ability to understand, work with and further develop existing indicators of performance in various sectorial services pertaining to Smart Cities;
  • Experience and ability to work with local governments and stakeholders in local knowledge-transfer events and workshops;
  • Ability to manage and organize partners involved in the tasks led by ISOCARP, as well as to collect, interpret, synthetize and draw conclusions from materials received from them;
  • Experience and prior involvement in large-scale dissemination and awareness activities;
  • Full command of the English language (reading, speaking, and writing);
  • Prior experience or involvement in Horizon2020, FP7, CIP ICT-PSP programmes is not mandatory but represents and advantage.


How to apply

The application should include a Curriculum Vitae (resume) sent to:

  • Pietro ELISEI, Vice President for Marketing and Communication and Senior Scientific Coordinator for the ESPRESSO Project – elisei@isocarp.org
  • Didier Vancutsem, Secretary-General and Supervisor of the ESPRESSO Project – vancutsem@isocarp.org.

We kindly remind you that we support young talent in ISOCARP and, as such, is strongly recommended to Young Planning Professionals of the network to apply for the call.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, 14 December 2015.

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