Call for Coordinators and Participants to Join Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop – Merano, Italy 2020

Call for Coordinators and Participants

Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop
On the Edge of Urban Regeneration
Merano, Italy, 1-6 March 2020

ISOCARP is proud to announce a Young Planning Professionals’ workshop (YPP) in Merano, Italy, between 1 and 6 March 2020. The YPP Program is a crucial component of ISOCARP’s dedication to promote and enhance the planning profession and commitment to facilitate knowledge for better cities with the young generations. The Merano YPP Workshop, ‘On the Edge of Urban Regeneration’ is a call for young planning professionals to rethink urban regeneration that transcends the key fundamentals of sustainable mobility, biodiversity, smart city and energy and heritage integrity. It will be organised in collaboration with the Municipality of Merano, EURAC Research, AUDIS (Association of Disused Urban Area Requalification) and the ISOCARP Institute, Centre for Urban Excellence.

The deadline for applications was on 30 January 2020 (11.59 pm UTC).

Call for Coordinators
Call for Participants

For more information on the workshop, please visit our website or contact Zeynep Gunay, ISOCARP Board Member, Director for YPP, via

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