Completion of Urbanism 1 and 2 – Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council


On March 9th ISOCARP has successfully completed the two courses in Abu Dhabi: Urbanism 1 and Urbanism 2, which were aimed at advancing the planning knowledge and practical skills among a group of young Emirati planners. Both courses included theoretical and practical parts and were attended by a diversified group of participants. Each of them, besides completing the theoretical parts, also had to develop a practical assignment associated with re-planning the different parts of the sites that await development in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, the outcomes of the course shall also be used in the professional practice of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council.

The graduation ceremony gathered both course participants and ADUPC management representatives. On behalf of ISOCARP the ceremony was attended by Prof. Milica Bajic Brkovic, ISOCARP President, as well as Prof. Piotr Lorens, ISOCARP Vice President responsible for the Young Planning Professionals Program. During the official part of the event the speakers expressed their satisfaction with the successful completion of both courses as well as their hopes for developing further joint projects.

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