Eurodelta Regional Chapter Initiative

Transnational Vision Eurodelta (source: Vijfde Nota over de Ruimtelijke Ordening 2000/2020).

Nearly twenty years ago, the Dutch Ministry for Spatial Planning, Housing and Environment published the Fifth Report on Spatial Planning, with a planning horizon until 2020. The spatial vision for the Netherlands included a vision for a functional transnational area dubbed as the Eurodelta, building upon a vision developed some years earlier for the entire Benelux area. The Eurodelta Vision became more of a sleeping beauty for most of the past decades, but seems to be waking up, thanks to efforts of the Belgian National Delegation of ISOCARP and their contacts with Dutch ISOCARP members, coordinated by Secretary General Frank D’hondt. We hope to welcome a regional event to advance such ‘planning without borders’ that also could lay the foundation for a first Regional Member Chapter of ISOCARP, complementary to and over time eventually in replacement of the existing National Delegations within these transnational regions.

Other national Delegations and individual or institutional ISOCARP members are encouraged to explore innovative cross-border and transnational cooperation to establish future Regional Chapters and organize Regional Events. ISOCARP members are most welcome to contribute with ideas on Regional ISOCARP Chapters and Events, by sending an e-mail to or on the member area.

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