ExCo Election 2017

The deadline for voting is approaching.
ISOCARP COUNCIL MEMBERS, please make sure to cast your vote by 15 September 2017.

On 11 July 2017 all Council Members (National Delegation Members + ExCo Members) received their ballot form and voting number to vote for seven new members in the ISOCARP Executive Committee.

These are the candidates:

President (2018-2021)
. Dushko Bogunovich, Botswana/New Zealand
. Martin Dubbeling, The Netherlands

Vice Presidents (2017-2020)
Academic Development / Institute:

. Daniele Vettorato, Italy
. Hongyang Wang, China

Members and National Delegations:
. Ron Bednar, USA
. Jeremy Dawkins, Australia
. Lorraine Gonzales, USA
. Michele Melchiorri, Italy
. Mairura Omwenga, Kenya

. Malgorzata Hanzl, Poland
. Stanley Yip, Hongkong

Technical Assistance:
. Jens Aerts, Belgium/USA
. Sébastien Goethals, Belgium, China
. Eric Huybrechts, France

Urban Planning Advisory Teams:
. Milena Ivkovic, The Netherlands

Young Planning Professionals:
. Zaheer Allam, Mauritius
. Juanee Cilliers, South Africa
. Zeynep Gunay, Turkey
. Madina Junussova, Kazakhstan.

More information on the candidates in the members’ area.

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