The Global Alliance for Urban Crises

The Global Alliance for Urban Crises (GAUC) is a global, multi-disciplinary and collaborative community of practice. It is a ‘network of networks’ working to prevent, prepare for and effectively respond to humanitarian crises in urban settings. The humanitarian landscape is changing. Urbanisation is defining our global reality and will shape our future. Displacement, conflict and natural disasters are increasingly urban phenomena. The Global Alliance for Urban Crises was established to bring together the different actors who can help to improve crisis preparedness and response in our increasingly urban world. ISOCARP has been involved in GAUC activities since its inception with participation from former Vice President Shipra Narang-Suri and Institute Board of Directors Member Ebru Gencer who is in Working Group 4, urban resilience. Recently President Ric Stephens joined the GAUC Working Group 2, with the strategic objective to support and facilitate where possible strengthening of local capacity through deployment, remote support or training of urban experts.

Ric Stephens will focus on expanding ISOCARP’s technical assistance role in post-disaster recovery planning and regenerative design. This is an evolving initiative that may encompass several ISOCARP programmes such as Strategic Technical Assistance Teams (STATs), Intensive Training Programs (ITPs), Certificate Programs in Urban Resiliency, and others to be directed by Executive Committee members. ISOCARP members interested in consideration for future post-disaster planning deployment should complete the online roster form.

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