16-19 June 2018

It’s already for the third time that the ISOCARP Polish National Delegation, the City of Gdynia and TUP (Society of Polish Town Planners) organize the Gdynia Summer Urban School (GUSS), intended for Polish and international young planners and students. The GUSS will be organized along with the International Conference on “Tomorrow of Cities”, hosted by the City of Gdynia on 21-22 June 2018 (



Objectives and the theme of the GUSS
Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City, Soria y Mata’s Ciudad Lineal, Tony Garnier’s Industrial City are visionaries in their visions of theoretical models of cities. None of these models describe the present situation of urban environment. But, although being a far-reaching simplification of reality, they are a record of an idea, which influenced us by introducing a new way of thinking of a city as a structure, place of living and working, model of life… Echoes of some of these ideas could be found today in self-supporting districts, linear structures along transportation corridors, zoning, or high rise buildings. All of these models are quite old. Sometimes, more than 100 years, they were rising in completely different circumstances. These were the times, where there was no fridge in the kitchenor evenelectrical light at home, there were no cars on streets, computers or mobile phones, so to contact your friends you simply needed to pay a visit. Our reality today is very different from that described above. But, we still keep referring to the old models to describe future growth of cities! Is this not a good moment to consider a new functional model for cities of tomorrow?

As the venue of the Gdynia Summer Urban School is the Gdynia Film School, we propose to start with a discussion on scenarios of SF films such as :Interstellar, 5th element, Cloud Atlas, Matrix, Blade Runner 2049, Martian, Wall-e, or Inception. Each of potential participants is kindly asked to watch some of these movies and write down a short note (200 words) about a most possible scenario in her/his opinion (in addition sketches and drawings are welcome). The authors of the best work would be asked to participate in the workshop. Details of the assignment will be communicated to the selected persons (see information below).

GUSS aims:
Debating on the visions and scenarios for cities of the future
Discussing adaptive changes of a human being to the new environment, technological changes
Considering the way cities would function within next 50-75 years, both in global and European perspective
Creating a model of the future any-city
Considering the role of a downtown and a district in the model
Adapting the any-city model for Gdynia/Tri-city
Adapting the model for a specific area of Gdynia
– New Gdynia – island on the Baltic Sea
– Experimental district in Gdynia
– The role of new Downtown of Gdynia
– The transformation process of existing downtown of Gdynia

The International Gdynia Urban Summer School is open to young planners (under 35 years) and students of higher degrees of studies (masters and doctoral) with a specialization in Urban Planning, Spatial Management, Architecture, Geography, Transportation, Sociology, Art, and others.

Candidates have to compile/send a set of documents which include:
1. Curriculum Vitae and Application Form (signed, to be sent back digitally) – TEMPLATE
2. Recommendation Letter (drafted/signed by employer or by university professor)
3. Short note (200 words) referring to a chosen movie – see section “Objectives and the theme” (above)
All applications should be sent to by 15 May 2018.

An evaluation and final selection of candidates will be done by a Selection Committee formed by Prof. Karolina Krośnicka, as well as representatives of partner organizations. Selected Candidates will be informed of their selection, after which they will have to confirm their availability and participation. Participation documents will be sent to them shortly afterwards.

Please see the website, for more information!

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