Beyond Smart Cities – Towards Smart Urbanism | ISOCARP Conference March 22, 2017 CeBIT Hanover

Public Sector Parc: The road to smart cities

The ISOCARP Conference at CeBIT presented intelligent concepts and technologies for the cities of tomorrow

The Public Sector Parc at CeBIT 2017 expanded its program. For the first time, the public sector was accompanied by a series of satellite conferences. “Smart urbanism”, in other words concepts and technologies for safe, clean, and efficient cities, are the focus of the conferences. On 22 March ISOCARP organised a convergence ´Beyond Smart Cities – Towards Smart Urbanism´. Speakers from the technology sector, research, and urban planning were scheduled along, with a series of panel talks.

“It goes without saying that efficiency is a goal that everyone can get behind, but can it really be applied one-to-one to our major urban centers?

Didier Vancutsem opened the conference @ CeBIT 2017

The event will be a plea for smart urbanism instead of an uncritical call for smart cities. Smart urbanism can be used to find solutions that modern urban planning forgot: The metabolism of the cities – the various shifting relationships between urban life and nature ask: What do we include? What do we get rid of? And how efficiently are we doing this? 

The conference will highlight the opportunities and challenges inherent in this transformation and promote globally integrated urbanism. The purpose is to enable cities around the world to learn more quickly and develop effective strategies together creating a 21st century that advances urban areas, and incorporates technology into social innovations.”

Didier Vancutsem, ISOCARP Secretary General


Beyond Smart Cities – Towards Smart Urbanism
Final Program to download: SmartUrbanism__20170315


All presentations published via YouTube:

Six Lessons on the Smart City: Towards the Conscious City
Professor Raoul Bunschoten, Chora conscious city urban lab – TU Berlin

From Smart Cities to Smart Urbanism – Results from a global Study on Smart City Strategies
Dr. Thilo Zelt, Roland Berger GmbH, Hamburg

Cable-cars and smart communities
Marc Funda,
Doppelmayr, Urban solutions, Austria

Smart Cities Services
Kai Tepe
, TÜV SÜD, Sustainability Manager, Munich

The Digital Nervous System of Smart Cities: Data infrastructure
Thomas Treml
, MICROSOFT Deutschland

Smart Cities and sustainable urban development
Roman Mendle
, Smart Cities Program Manager – Global coordinator for Smart Cities ICLEI

Circular Urbanism – moving towards eco-effective cities
Stephanie Schemel, Consultant | Foresight + Research + Innovation, Europe – ARUP University

From Paris to Grand Paris: why metropolis will be smarter than cities
Nicolas Buchoud, President Cercle Grand Paris, Renaissance Urbaine Founding Principal

Munich as a Smart City
Klaus Illigman
, Smart City Planning, City Administration of Munich

Circular Enables Smart Enables Circular: Novel Ways of Development
Benjamin Scheerbarth
, Eckwerk Entwicklungs GmbH, Berlin


The Event was organized with the logistical support of the Hannover Messe, and the members of the German National Delegation Martin Birgel (BM) / Benjamin Scheerbarth.

Thanks again to our sponsors



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