ISOCARP Review 16: Call for Contributors – deadline extended

The ISOCARP Review Editorial Team invites you to contribute to the next issue of our World Planning Manual. The theme of ISOCARP Review 16 follows the subject of the 2020 Congress in Doha, Qatar, ‘Post-Oil City: Planning for Urban Green Deals‘. This theme addresses the broadly understood issues of urban planning in the situation of scarce resources.

Hence, we anticipate that your contributions may refer to planning practices and perspectives to post-oil urbanism focused on trends, issues and opportunities which guide solutions, strategies or examples of good practice open new ways forward in this direction. The broad range of themes related to climate resilience and resource scarcity influence all spheres of contemporary life and bring about numerous challenges, all of which require careful and comprehensive planning, both in terms of physical planning and strategic approaches. Recent abrupt atmospheric events and severe cataclysms make us consider issues of vulnerability and risk management and call for both immediate responses and long-term planning strategies.

This challenge undoubtedly reinforces the need for immediate action and new creative solutions. Without question, planning for these activities is essential. Postponing transformations means increased risk for both current and future generations, the more that the societal processes require time to take place.

The process of selecting submissions for Review 16 will include two phases. In the first phase, ISOCARP members who are interested in having their contribution included in Review 16 are asked to submit an abstract (maximum of 500 words) and a reference list of works related to the congress theme – either theoretical or urban planning projects. The deadline for this phase is January 20, 2020.
The new deadline for this phase is February 15, 2020.
Please send your submissions to

In the second phase, the editorial team will select the best contributions and their authors will be asked to submit full articles by the end of April 2020. All submissions will be further carefully edited.

We warmly welcome your interest, your remarks and your questions.

Review Editorial Team

Malgorzata Hanzl

Jim Reilly

Mahak Agrawal

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